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Non Atari question.


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I know this is primarily an Atari site, but I figured many here are cross compatible with other gaming emulation, and I have a question.

Is there an emulator that can run "NES"

"Super NES"

"Nintendo 64"


games that is easy to install and operate? 1 emulator that can do it all would be awesome if it is available. I'm primarily interested in the first 2 gaming systems listed.

Any help would be awesome, thanks.

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RetroArch is definitely a go to for emulating most Nintendo systems, and there's now a Dolphin core for playing Gamecube & Wii titles.


I recommend watching tutorial videos on setting up RetroArch on YouTube, you should be able to use that without having to use a frontend (though you could if you want)

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I find using the emulator directly easier than going through the Retroarch frontend. Mesen for NES, and Higan for snes. What computer/os are you using? Are you using a television or a computer/keyboard?

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