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Man, I am a Kings fan but I just really want the great box for my cartridge! :)


Sincerely,thanks for making this folks.


If you only do sell 50 I would be happy to add $5. to my purchase for each box just to have them complete.


I REALLY hope the SP Baseball and Mystic Castle boxes do follow this, and probably Laser Sharks.


I would pay whatever extra to see that happen.


Thank you Steve, Eric and Marc,great work and effort! :thumbsup: Dale W./Wolfy62

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We're over 50 already so no worries about higher cost. Thanks everyone !


Bullcrap! We must charge all Canadians triple for shipping BWHAHAHAHA!!!


What is it now evil minion?!?

*pssch pssch psschhhhhhhhhhhhh*

What's that?

*pssch pssch psschhhhhhhh*

Steve is Canadian you say?

*pssch pssch!*

Um... crap!


*ahem* I meant, Europeans! Yeah... We should charge all Europeans triple for shipping BWHAHAHAHA!!!!

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So after a flood of orders the first day (thanks everyone) it has trickled off, so I think I will give this until Monday then send my order to Marc.

I will print a few extra for latecomers but don't want to be paying for and sitting on a pile of extras.

So if you haven't yet, get your order in soon.



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Mike if you are close to him you could, would save him sending to me from Germany then me sending back to you in Germany. Let me know.

I don't want to get into a situation where he is mailing out individual boxes though, that's supposed to be my responsibility.



He's about 100 miles away from me. I'm accustomed that the boxes doing a minor detour 'til they reach me. Oliver Puschatzki is even closer, just about 30 miles away. ;)

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