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No, carts weren't even sold, just a board you had to put inside a cart shell yourself, but those sold out quickly.

later Mark Thompson sold a kit with manual, 2 overlays and a cart label.

finally we are selling the boxes.


you can still get the rom at intellivision.us

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SOLD OUT ! We are now sold out of these boxes. I am trying to add a few more to the print order but for now please do not buy any more until further notice.

Thanks to all for your support.

See,just as I thought it worked out great!!!! :P :thumbsup:


Thank you again Steve,Eric and Marc for makin' it happen! Dale W.

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Once again my Leafs are out, and coincidentally I am now sold out of these boxes.

Thanks to everyone who bought them and stay tuned for announcement about other boxes soon.

Boxes are all printed, on route to me from Germany.

Hopefully here within a week then I will send to you guys immediately.

Thanks, Steve

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