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"Las Vegas" logo in high quality

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I'm looking for a hq picture of the logo of "Las Vegas" to use in my Las Vegas Slot Machine game I'm making for the Intellivision.

I'm also looking for feedback on my game. And since hardly anyone visits the Intellivision programming forum (which you should), I figured I might try here as well. If this is too much posting about the game, I apologize. I was having trouble with a game and decided to post a topic asking for help, and it turned into the thread it is.

I've updated the game since last time, adding a title screen and sound effects.

I don't know how this looks:



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Just played it, here are a few notes. You have the actual gameplay mechanics working so that's probably the hardest part done already.

These are mainly about making this seem more like an actual casino slot machine


1) have options for different coloured machines or different themed machines, yours is just kind of plain, usually these are quite flashy.

And maybe make background more interesting too instead of just black.

2) speed up the spinners (whatever they are called), the animation looks good but it's just too slow.

3) most machines only have 3 spinners, maybe have an option for this, with 5 the odds of all 5 matching are pretty small.

4) have an option to play "25 cent game, or 50 cents, or $1" instead of just 1 point or dollar or whatever the scoring actually is currently based on.

5) have an option to place a double or triple bet, maybe by pressing corresponding key on keypad.

6) show current bet onscreen while wheels are spinning.

7) when you win, add some kind of sound effect like coins falling, like the stereotypical sound you associate with a slot machine paying off.


But in general I think you have the basics of a good game, look forward to seeing the next version.

Cheers, Steve

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Here you go:


lasVegas.svg.txt <--- remove .txt to get scalable vector graphic


The process to create it was:

  • Google search for large images "Intellivision Las Vegas" which pointed me to this image: http://www.retro-daze.org/Game%20Box%20Art/Intellivision/Las%20Vegas%20Roulette.jpg
  • Download it to Gimp and crop the logo, giving an image of approximately 550x320 pixels
  • Copy the resulting bitmap to Inkscape, convert it to a path using Path->Trace Bitmap->Mutliple Scans->Colours (aka the magic bit ;))
  • Ungroup and remove the light grey background, then regroup and save it as SVG giving a scalable vector image
  • Fiddle about with name so that AtariAge will allow it to be uploaded (grrr).
  • Job done

Now as for feedback, firstly I don't know what the brotherhood is doing! Daniel Bass (author of Loco-Motion) has shown us the proper Mattel way to do this just yesterday, with headings, and a worked example, and everything:




And henceforth the disc shall be known as "the wheel". By the way who is on the Software Support Group for this title?




But seriously, great start Chris :thumbsup:


As people suggest no software is ever perfect, there are always things that can be tweaked. Perhaps have a look at some videos of one arm bandits in action on YouTube to get some inspiration as to what the priorities should be? I like the animation, wheel symbols and music. One thing, it took me a bit of keyboard pounding to find how to move from the title screen in JzIntv, perhaps it is just me, but I don't instinctively go for the action buttons.


I understand your dilema about where to post. The choice between the quiet backwater of the programming forum or the churning rapids of the main forum is not an easy one :)

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Thanks for all the input. I will add a feature with the number keys for a double or triple bet. Also, you only need to get three icons in a row to win something, since, as mentioned, getting all five would be really hard. It took me a while to figure out that the top button key is left shift in jzINTV too. The title screen already looks better than my attempt at it.




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Did you break the bank there, i.e. getting more than $9999? I am getting the $Gxxx display if I set #money to 23000 or higher, compared to the default 1100 in your code.


Given that a 16-bit value by default is signed in the range -32768 to +32767 (or if you define it as unsigned, in the range 0 to 65535), you might want to use <5> to get a five digit display.

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Something else must've happened to the variable, making the program treat it as a larger number than it is. Try to increase the display to 5 digits to see if the bug disappears, even if you later go back to 4 digits once you have tracked it down.


(I realize you have a thread in the programming section, I'll continue the discussion there)

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