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FS: Apple IIGS ROM3, 8MB DarkRAM, DarkSound Stereo Sound card ***SOLD***


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I guess you can consider this a "preview sale" as there are no pictures (yet). I planned on taking pics of everything over the weekend sometime.


Anyway, my personal IIGS ROM3 computer is up for grabs. I just have some bills I need to square away and funds are required at the moment. This computer is as mint as can be. Anybody who knows me and has dealt with me in the past knows the quality of my stuff. That said, this is what is included:


1. Apple IIGS ROM3 computer with original box and owners manuals (missing box foam)

2. Apple IIGS original keyboard

3. Apple IIGS wedge mouse

4. DarkRAM 8MB card (maxes out the IIGS)

5. DarkSound stereo sound card (the sound output by default on the IIGS is mono, this provides stereo and amplification)

6. Apple IIGS 3 1/2 include floppy drive with original box

7. Apple IIGS 5 1/4 drive with original box

8. ManillaGear IIGS to VGA adapter (you need a 15KHz monitor to use this)

9. One nice joystick (brand eludes me at the moment)

10. Original Apple mouse pad

11. Original IIGS tutorial and start up disks



Nothing is yellowed, broken, scratched...nothing. It is all like brand new. It works like new, passes all self checks. Like I said, it is my personal IIGS, not something I am just trying to "flip". I am looking to get rid of the whole thing in one shot. There will probably be more items included as I clear it out. The battery was removed long ago (no damage of course) and I never reintroduced a battery to the unit as it works fine without one and did not want the headache. So, if you want time you will have to buy a battery.


I am looking for $450 shipped for everything listed. PM if interested. Trust me when I say the person who purchases this set is going to be really happy (if you like the IIGS that is).




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