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Anyone making dust covers for 2600 Heavy Sixer anymore?


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There was at one time here on AA. Jerry the guy who was selling them passed away unexpectedly last year. They had some inventory on Etsy the last time I checked but it looks like they are done and have closed up the shop.



The shop it still there. I couldn’t find it originally when I searched for “Atari Dust Covers” but it is still there. They don’t show any Atari covers in stock but if you contact them I am sure you can have one made.






There are these covers that I found on Etsy. Very interesting way to do them.

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Sorry to intercept the topic, but this is related.
Does anyone knows if there are acrylic boxes for the Atari 2600 cardboard cartridge boxes?
I found for NES, SNES but never found one for Atari.

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