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Wata Games Certification?

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people grade there games just so they can sell them on eBay and charge ridiculous amounts of money. unboxing videos seem to be very popular on YouTube, someone needs to make an unboxing channel where they buy games and game accessories that are graded and unbox them and play with them.

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"Having grown up exposed to the world of comic collecting that provided me my first insights into the collectibles universe, I was lucky to gain an incredible perspective into how collectible hobbies operated. There were a lot of great aspects, juxtaposed by many negative ones. In the unregulated industries of collectibles"


It goes on like this. I couldn't read it all, voices in my head were screaming "oh shut up" and my eyes rolled back into my skull.


Anyone participating in this grift deserves whatever happens to them.

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I'm thinking about taking this to the next level. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I'm going to invest in one of those industrial turntable style pallet wrappers and mount it on a trailer.


One of these things if you don't know what I'm talking about:



Myself and a small crew will come to your house after you get your games back from VGA, WATA. We will carefully take your graded collection outside (white gloves, of course) along with the bookcase they're sitting in. We will assemble the collection on the turntable to your specifications, and then wrap up your collection/bookcase with a shrink wrap color of your choosing!! https://www.uline.com/BL_8601/Uline-Machine-Length-Stretch-Film-Color-Tinted


What other way would there be to show you're a true collector, than with a custom wrapped shelving collection?!

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