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blu-ray died


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2 hours ago, wongojack said:

@amiman99It is already repaired and only costs like $60.  To play my PS3 disks on my computer, I'd have to buy a Blu Ray drive that I don't have which would likely cost about the same anyway (with shpping etc) - plus then I'd have to research PS3 emulation which I don't really want to do.

I had 3 PS3s die on me, so far my 4th one works fine. I have a Samsung external BL drive that is able to rip the PS3 discs, so I'm happy about that.

My plan is this, if my PS3 dies and I don't have anymore backup, I'll use my PC to play my PS3 games. I tested few of them and had mixed results. My PC is not that great, but with a better video card all should work to some degree.


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