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Crossover Carts: Atari titles in Coleco shells

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I had some extra Coleco shells and Atari boards and thought maybe I should try to put them together. Threw in a bit of graphics work for good measure, and here's what came out:





Yes they are playable!


This was a lot of fun....I really like how Coleco incorporated the arcade marquees in their titles. I'll definitely be giving some other games this treatment as well.

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Good to know. I missed out on the Lady Bug Limited edition in the AA Store. I asked Al if he would do an "unnumbered" custom for me with a Coleco shell. He said that he didn't want to because he remembered that they were a major pain.

But if it is doable I may do it.

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Know what else would be a cool mock up? ColecoVision box art with the arcade machines on the front. As much as I like the artwork on Atari VCS game boxes, there's something about seeing a real coin-op cabinet that says "This is just like the arcade game!"

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