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IC 74Sxxx tester - suggestions

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I am looking for a IC tester for 74S IC's. Most I find online only test 74LS and 74HC. I have an Apple /// that uses mostly 74S IC's. I am sure there are some that are bad. But I do not know which.

I got one of these



It only dose LS ic's.



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I have a TL866CS eeprom programmer, they run about 40 bucks and they also test 74 and 4000 series logic


the supported device list claims 168 logic IC's


so for around the same price as the tester you linked you can program a gob of roms, micro-controllers and test most common chips (and works with LS or HC)


the S is pretty much the same as an LS, the LS is a bit slower and uses less power cause of it, so while it might cause problems mixing them in a system, from a tester standpoint it *should* be fine (never tried it myself though)

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Marko - Yes I saw one of those. But the docs do not show if it works with 74S IC's. Another thought about it is that it only uses 1.5V but 74S needs 5V to 'work'. LS's can work on 1.5v. So I'm am skeptical about it. Additional thoughts?

Osgeld. The list from your link dose not list 74S, only 74HC & LS. The unit I have already does this.

But I do like the idea of being able to burn my own IC's if needed. I also saw that there is an updated version. Those sell for more. What would the difference?

Thanks everyone for looking and replying !

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I dunno about the updated version there's a couple different models one that has an ISCP port and another that does not, but its a fairly simple firmware mod to make the non ISCP port model have an ISCP model


have you tried the S parts in the tester you have now, S and LS are so similar as long as its not trying to test at mhz speeds it should be able to least confirm function

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Osgeld - I got a TL866CS eeprom programmer. It is installed and working. But the software is is not documented well. I can;t figure out how to test a 74S or 74LS IC. Any thoughts?


sorry I missed this, but you just go to the select ic box choose logic ic and what part to test

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