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Diamond in the Rough - Diamond GOS Menu Bar Reference Sheet


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If you found the dialog reference sheet of interest, I'm sure this reference for creating a menu bar will be just as interesting.

This next Diamond project was going to be written in BASIC. When I looked at all the information tables, pointers and data strings needing to be defined as BASIC string variables, assembly language seemed to be the way to go. Especially since my assembler is the MAC/65. The Diamond Develop disk has a library with MAC/65 macros for each of the functions.

I have found programing the Arduino using their version of "C" to have some similarities to MAC/65, in that, without the libraries I would be in deep do-do. There are some very talented programmers writing code so I don't have to. Thank you.

The more library functions I use in a program, the less I feel like I'm writing a program. Using prewritten blocks of code makes me want to call my efforts "building a program". Of course that makes no cents when you consider BASIC is nothing more then macro calls to machine language subroutines.

Looking over my library files has made it apparent that I can't remember the what, were and who of some of these library files. I see that I could have used the BGT (Branch greater than) a couple of days ago. Probably would have worked better then the BAW (Branch any where) that I wrote.

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