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Indus GT spares?


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I know this is highly unlikely to yield results but where else should I ask?


I bought an Indus GT that arrived with a damaged front frame. The frame itself was broken, one of the attachment "standoffs" used to screw the front frame to the metal frame of the drive was broken and both of the holes that take up the bolts of the front cover hinge were broken out.


While I have managed to superglue together the broken frame and repair the standoff using bits rattling around inside the drive, nothing substantial seems to remain from the two bolt holes. My only remaining idea for that is a copious dose of Sugru but I'm not sure I can even determine the correct position for those bolts.


So I am looking for someone willing to part with a front frame from an otherwise unsalvagable drive.


Alternatively I'd take repair advice ;)


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Didn't know about baking soda but know that my son and his R/C modelling buddies use some kind of very fine powder/stuff to give extra strength to EPP "foam" when repairing models.


The trouble in my case is that I don't have anything to fill but would need to build up those new hinge mounts in thin air.

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