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This lot is for the completist collector who wants to play all the original Activision games for the 2600 that were sold in the US during the '80's.

Included Hardware:



1. Clean but unmodified 4-switch woodgrain console complete with original Atari power supply and useless antenna switch box (for the sake of authenticity). There is an RCA/COAX adapter so it can be connected directly to any TV with COAX input.
2. Two standard CX-40 Joysticks
3. One pair Paddles (for Kaboom!)


Included Games:



44 unique carts representing EVERY original title Activision released in the United States.


Please review this link to Atarimania for specific titles:


ALL of the included carts were acquired by me at retail between December of 1981 and November of 1989, so they have not been in circulation.

Game manuals and other pack-in materials (such as the Space Shuttle overlays) are included for every title. I did NOT include ALL the inserted catalogs, but there is ONE of each in the collection, totaling 14.

Every cart is NTSC.

Here is a photo of H.E.R.O. in play on the included console:



Label conditions are, alas, typical for Activision - LOTS of "actiplaque" - and some fading has occurred as well, but all are intact with none torn or missing.

Everything has been tested TOGETHER and works, of course, but if the buyer finds that ANY aspect of this collection is unacceptable upon delivery, I will do whatever is necessary to make it right at my expense.


Everything will be packed in one box. The carts (with matching manuals) will be packed in two small boxes within the large box. Each hardware item will be separately wrapped in bubble. The box measures 15" long by 13" wide by 13" high and weighs approximately 14 pounds.

I will ship anywhere in the world and via any means chosen by the buyer. Insurance is a must.

Tracking info will be provided once the chosen carrier has the package in hand.


I am asking $425, and shipping within the U.S. is FREE. Anyone interested in buying who is outside the U.S. should PM me about shipping rates. Payment may be made utilizing whatever method is comfortable for the buyer. First come, first serve.

Questions are welcome, via this thread or PM. Specific details and/or photos will be happily provided.

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