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Obtained! : Odyssey 2 & Games.


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EDIT: Deal Made for an Ody 2 with Games and also a 'The Voice' unit! Thanks guys. Masschamber, I will still get back to you tomorrow, but like. No big deal if you sell a small lot of Ody2 games overnight or something. X3.

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okay here's what I got , k c munchkin,

cib games baseball,golf,speedway, alien invaders,bowling,football,

with box , no manual subchase, cosmic conflict,

I guess I'd take 15 plus shipping, does that sound good with you?


I'm working on a deal for a Ody 2 and games already it seems! I'll get back to you, Masschamber, when I close that up when he gets back to me with shipping tommorow!

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Hello Masschamber! I think I've decided I like the games I have coming with the unit for now. (That and it comes with a few of those too.) If I change my mind, I'll poke you and see if you still have them at a later date. Sorry, but also thank you for your offer!



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