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Nes Toploader, static audio and really messed up graphics.


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So I went to the my local Game Store today and he had a top loader sitting in a bag. I said, oh you got a Top-Loader in. He said it didn't work, plus the top shell was cracked. The garbage man brings him stuff lol. This was a garbage find. I offered him $20 as my Top Loader needs a new pin connector. I figured this was like a GPU problem and I likely would not waste my time trying to fix it, when I can swap the connector into my working console.


At any rate here are some pics. No audio just static. What do you think is the problem?








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Well, the RF modulator in those goes bad pretty frequently. However I have seen bad VRAM do stuff like that before. A composite mod is cheap and easy if you can do it yourself. Please don't cut pin 21, just lift it. Or do it right and socket the PPU.

That was my guess as it had the static sound. Not really worth a composite mod when the shell is cracked.



Someone else can have at it. I stole the pin connector for mine. Now mine works perfectly. I first swapped the cpu before I robbed the pin and that was not the problem. I swapped it just because I had one pulled and it was only like 5min to do. It now needs a new pin connector and whatever the original problem was. The shell is cracked, pin connector shot, and graphical errors. I'll toss it on ebay and see if someone wants it.


Now w/my shot pin connector it hardly displays any video lol, just static and a picture you can see slightly forming in the background.

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