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Any Jag or Jag CD games in Pro Logic Surround?

Rick Dangerous

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To anyone's knowledge, are any Jaguar games coded for Dolby Pro Logic? Or is everything Stereo all the way?


A few games/systems around that time were JUST starting to experiment with surround sound which is why I ask.


Anyone ever play their games in multi-channel or put them through a Pro Logic II filter?

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Looks in the thread like it is just 2 Channel (Stereo) through a pro logic filter.


Any of the Jaguar games could be put through a Dolby Pro Logic or Pro Logic II filter, I just was wondering if any were coded with those in mind...probably not i'm guessing, though it was starting to happen at the time.


Many 3DO games advertise "Dolby Surround" on their title screens, which means they may (or lazily may not) have been coded specifically for Dolby Pro Logic

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I'm going out on a limb and going to guess that pretty much all Jaguar games are in two-channel Stereo.


However--I bet they would sound great through Dolby Pro Logic or Pro Logic II, which basically inverts the stereo channels to the rear, and put voices through the center channel.


It's not true digital independent channel surround, but it still sounds pretty good considering how basic the technology is.

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