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Harmony Cartridge Disaster Not Working


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Hello All. Finally got myself a Harmony Cartridge {Probably 10 years after everybody else it seems}. AND, it seems I'm living {or am going to live} the nightmare I've feared with these {multi}carts in the past {fortunately, I've had no major problems with any of the other multicarts/flashcarts I've obtained up til now}. First, I've only got an AV modded 7800 {2 actually} to test it on. When I first received it, I was able to briefly {1-2 seconds at most} on occasion get what appeared to be a garbled menu screen on one of my consoles. Other than that, it has been as if no cartridge is inserted in the console {i.e. single or multiple solid lines or blank screen, etc.}. I've since compounded the problems, and believe I have now deleted some of the main files/directories {i.e. program files that had the loader etc..-My SD card only has the following folders now: Drivers; Homebrew; Manual}. So, my 1st question is, can anybody guide me on how to rebuilding the directories that I've deleted? But, from there: Am I perhaps just out of luck with this thing? I've definitely cleaned the contacts as well as they can be cleaned. Is there any chance the problem is with the Cart itself? I've been attempting to contact the seller {I think Batari}, but have not been able to do so before extending the problems with this. If it's potentially the consoles causing the problems, then I do not wish to start fumbling with them-so that might be a dead-end for me because I do not want to buy a spare 2600 if I don't know pretty much 100% that the problem isn't with the hardware/cart? This concern is particularly real because I think I did the re-install of the Firmware properly before deleting everything tonight {only thing I struggled with was: What's the root directory? I chose E: for that choice}.? But, would that briefly appearing garbled menu indicate the hardware/cart itself is fine? or might it indicate the problem could be with the hardware/cart itself? {A note here: After attempting to reinstall the firmware, I no longer was able to get that garbled menu anymore}. Lots of questions. So, sorry this inquiry is all over the place. {I went back and put bolds where the main inquiries are for this topic}. I hate to think I've got an unusable "BRICK" on my hands, which, of course, was by no means cheap, but I also don't want to piss anyone off if I were to pursue recourse in that regards {Some day I'd like to be ahead of the curve with all of the great products out here to be had - such as, perhaps, a 7800 multicart?}-{Note here too-I'm currently licking my wounds after "discovering" the latest SGM for C-vision, only to realize I just missed the pre-order deadline-so I surely am a hard luck story here}. I'd hate to accept that my knowledge of the 2600 might remain limited to Seaquest, Phoenix and the several other titles I have, but am afraid the current can of worms I see open before me is not going to resolve itself anytime soon, and, if it can't be resolved soon, then I may have to bury it in my backyard or crawlspace until I forget it and stop trying to resolve it. I hope someone can make sense of the mess here that lies above, and help me on my way to resolution? {or make me an offer to get it off my hands? lol - I hope?} Thanks.

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Quick follow-up - I guess I needed to freak out a bit for the gods of game to feel my pain. The seller has responded and is planning to send me a replacement. I'll certainly give updates as I get them. Thanks. I'm hoping he sends a loaded SD as well - but info on where the files are {or other thoughts} may help others perhaps if someone knows. Also, if anyone knows - if it is possible, this may be a good topic to close or delete/remove {especially if the problem was just with the cart}.

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Thanks Thomas, Fred sent me a new one. I got it working on a new console I just received. Seems both the 1st cart {possibly} and the consoles {definitely} were a problem. I have a last hope attempt to save the 1st before I send it back {I'll ask Fred too} that I'm going to PM you about. Thanks again.

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I'm having a similar issue (still waiting on a reply from batari, so I figured I'd ask around here in the meantime). 2600 retail carts and 7800 retail carts work fine on my 7800 (also composite modded), and my Harmony cart (not the Encore, just the standard) works perfectly on my composite modded 2600, but I get similar results to the OP - I get a split second of garbled screen and then back to the normal blue screen that my TV uses for no input. Any thoughts?

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Could also be the Voltage regulator in the 7800 itself. They were barely able to meet the current load of the 7800 to begin with to say nothing of using a Harmony plus mods as well.


Having said that, I had a client send me their 7800 to be modded and they also sent me their harmony cart because they couldn't get it to work with all games on their 7800. Ended up being a minor compatibility issue that required cutting one of the legs off C64 on the right hand and mid way area of the PCB. Doing this got the clients' harmony working 100% with all the games I tried after that, but broke 2600 Dark Chambers from working.


It was a win-win honestly...


So yeah..I would see if replacing the voltage regulator helps?

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