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So I finally got some sprites to display on the screen for my new Game Gear game I've been making. A quite unconventional way though. For example, there's a 16x16 sprite on the screen. To display a 16x32 sprite, I had to cut the sprite in half and then repeat the code twice. Which is better than the way I had it before, which was wasting 8 tiles. So now I think I can have two enemies on the screen at the same time along with the player and the thing he fires. Which would be quite good, as I think this game is probably going to be a bit on the easy side. That is, playing it. Definitely not coding it.

I guess I could make this as a game for kids. Though how many kids nowadays would be interested in playing a Game Gear game? That is, besides my nephew. And he's not going anywhere near my Game Gear because I've heard about how fragile they are. He's 9 years old. My sister got him a Switch last Christmas and he's playing the Zelda game for it. Better than what I can do. But I did introduce him to the Virtual Boy. Took him a while for him to ask why it was all in red, though.

But anyway, enough about him. I started this a week ago and I have a title screen and a scrolling background with three sprites on it. I'd say that's pretty good. Next thing to do is detecting collisions. Which means I should probably put some lives in the game. And a life counter. But first, a short break. I want to have this game completed by Christmas 2018.

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