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Harmony Cart - Can't navigate menu


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What's up, guys! I've hit upon a bit of a major problem.


I decided to boot up my Atari after quite a while after discovering the awesome Super Cobra Arcade. I set up the system and fired up my Harmony cart only to discover that I can't move the cursor in the cart's main menu. At all. If I move the stick left or right, sometimes the screen will flip to the About page, but I can't move up or down in the menu or select anything.


My regular games are fine, so it's definitely not my controllers.


I'm on PAL BIOS 1.05. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Super Cobra Arcade



Are you by chance taking advantage of SCA's support for multibutton gamepads? If so, the second button is wired up in such a way as to cause the Harmony's menu to use paddle mode. Hold down the firebutton when you power up your Atari to force the menu to joystick mode.

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