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Lost in Space


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In commemoration of Netflix's reboot of the 1960's Irwin Allen schlock sci-fi series "Lost in Space", thought I'd post a short CyberPaint SEQ file I created 30 years ago (nearly to the day) in honour of the misadventures of the Space Family Robinson.


I have also included a later AVI file where I added sound. This was done back in the days of Win95, so I don;t remember all the software I used to move the SEQ over to the PC for editing, but I do know I started by saving each frame of the SEQ as a PI1, and then converting these pics to Gem IMG format. The sequence was rebuilt using a simple slideshow program, and add the sound (which I created using CoolEdit Pro).


I used to play with Cyberpaint quite a bit, but this is the first time I've shared any of my animation projects. Hope someone enjoys it.


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