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Is my Harmony Encore cartridge working?

Hank Rearden

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I just got a new Harmony Encore Cartridge and I don't think it's working 100% but I also don't know how to do any diagnostic testing.


I posted in another thread that I'm having an issue with Porky's. It appears to be the same exact issue that this user has in his video. It's like it doesn't fully load.



He also talked about but apparently had a different issue with Gunfight. It seems to work fine on 2 different units (one modded and one RF) EXCEPT the color/B&W toggle does not seem to turn off the bouncing bullets.


I just also downloaded PacMan 8K. For the most part it plays fine but occasionally when going left or right it seems like he gets stuck and shimmers left and right rapidly.


I got this so I can play the games and compete in the High Score Club but for my $90 I've already had a few hiccups and it's only been a few day.


Again, I've had the same results on 2 different consoles. King Kong and Rampage as well as Space Rocks seem to work fine (nothing that I notice) but Porky's is a complete no-go as is the one option on Gunfight. PacMan 8k may be in my head but it feels like something is wrong.


The cartridge says I'm running version 1.06.


Anyone have any suggestions? There's a phone number on the website I will try to call but thought I'd try here first.

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I think your Encore is 100% working, and the issues you are seeing are the fault of the game itself. In Porky's case it does not initialize correctly. I hacked one single bit to fix it.


Porky's (initialization fix).bin


Lot's of Atari games have various issues like this. Another common problem is finding some games will not be compatible with certain TV's, and they will roll.

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OMG... Thank you! That ROM seems to work fine. I'm in the HSC business now.


Not that I'm too concerned about it but is that issue with Gunfight something similar?


Thanks again for hooking me up. Although it raises the question, shouldn't everyone have the same issue with the ROM download that I had?

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