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Wyvern Tales - Walkthrough


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Wyvern tales has 3 characters that you can equip for best team work.


Arth has most health power so he is best as the 1st of the group to take damage. Obviously he should be equipped as a tank.

Mori is a little strange fellow. I would place him in the middle and equip him as a dps. He could also be equipped with spells.

Demi is a healer. She has most mana. She could be the last of the group and fix poisons and heals.


Unfortunately the order is not saved on the eeprom. So I usually re-order my group after a load.


At the start of the game I would buy lots of healing potions. They are really cheap. The weapons are not so important at startup. Staying alive is.

Demi can also use potions to heal Arth and Mori. So I would skip spells at lower level and buy charms instead.


A complete walkthrough takes many hours imho.


I would stay in Gonnos up to about level 5 in order to get the team up to some decent skill level.


The bar area is a bit tough for a starter. Talk to people in Gonnos. They are really friendly and give good advice.


The statue "Goddess of Nature" is really great! I keep visiting her frequently after fights. She is in the park in Gonnos. Especially if one of your team members dies it helps to visit the Goddess of Nature.


PS. I don't load from the eeprom while playing. You can play it without a need to have a save/load cycle. But I usually save the game when I am back in town after a successful mission.

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Staying alive was not a big deal at the beginning.

I sold most potions to get buy some reasonable weapon and attack spells.

Grinding is easy, as you always can go back to town for full heal, mana, revive.

I notcied that there is a gold limit at 20k.


I only got once got badly bashed up. Return from teh Queens tower after killing the Dragon, I lost two of three menbers and had 1 out of 170 HP left when entering the town ;-) Should have made a screenshot.

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Here are the approximate health points for three of the enemies in the game:


Knight on horseback - 60

Large Bug - 25

Blue glob of slime - 30


This should help during battles since while you can see the damage your attacks do, you don't see how close you are to defeating an enemy.

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Some miscellaneous tips:


Have all three members of your group learn the Awake spell. I found this ability to be useful in many battles. Someone could always revive the other two.


Keep a good supply of Health and Mana items on hand. You get them sometime after winning a battle, but don't be afraid to buy them. Later in the game you can buy Health + and Mana + which are much more effective. Having these items allowed me to explore further in the game without needing to use a Teleport to return to the nearest town and visit the healing statute. It's also good to use them just before you fight one of the dragons so your team is at full strength. Luckily the game gives you a hint where the dragon battle will take place (there is a marking on the floor).


Hope these help.

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Not sure if this was intentional or a bug- normally, once all monsters are killed in a battle you immediately go to the 'Victory!' screen, but if poisoned during a battle you're still able to cast the antidote spell on yourself or another party member even after all monsters have died and left the playing field. The victory screen is delayed until you do.


Another thing I've noticed is that while the Goddess statue and the woman in the bar can fully replenish your HP and MP, ailments can't be cured this way- you'll have to use items or magic for that. ;)

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If anyone has a copy I would love to buy one please :-)


If you PM me your email address I'll add you to the buyer list. It'll take some months to fulfill all requests though.


Edit: wrong thread to discuss this though

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You will encounter these giant spiders in the caves near Terra. They drop 250 gold each. The same spiders outside the caves drop 120 gold. Farming these is very easy just be sure to stock up on some antidote.


This was how I earned lots of coins to buy those super expensive weapons in the tavern.

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Just passed the mountain-dungeon after the switch-hogging Troll/Goblin. Had to teleport back though shortly after it. Cool. I think I will need to work on something like a map now :)

Party is level 7-8 but I still lack alot of things and Gold usually is just enough to buy like one or two spells. Time to play more agressive :)

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Now arrived savely in Argul. Could it be that you always return to the last save city when you save a game?

I was confused a few times but never certain as I often play in short time spans. Last time I saved deep in the dungeon though just to find myself back at the bar after load.

Good to know though a bit of a letdown. I can manage though, now that I know. So if you dont mind 'cheating' you dont need teleports at all? ;-)

Also you can use the teleport as item in battle - I assume that has no effect whatsoever?

Cool game - I enjoy it more and more.

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