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Rarity chart question


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A couple of weeks ago I found a TI-99/4a in its original box at a Salvation Army near my house, still had its plastic bagging and styrofoam. Cool! The TI-99/4a was my first computer, so I had to get it. It took a couple of weeks for me to win a couple of cheap eBay auctions to get command modules for it, and I had to buy an adaptor to hook it up to my modern television, but I was finally able to fire it up this week and all works great! Even has the Voice Synthesizer, although unfortunately the only command module I have that uses it is Meteor Belt. I would have loved to get a Terminal Emulator II or whatever to program my own voice outputs.


Anyway, other than joining the group here, I wanted to ask a question about rarity: One of the games I picked up in the lot was Atarisoft's Ms. Pac-Man, which certainly isn't a rare game. That said, the old 2004-era rarity guide on 99er.net has it as quite rare for the TI. I certainly never saw it back in the day myself, but I was a kid, so...


Is it really quite rare? Seems like Atari(soft) would have made a lot of them. I am not collecting for value, just for me, but should I be taking extra care of this one?


Side note: Munch Man still holds up as one of the best Pac-Man clones, due to its relatively fast pace and solid gameplay.


MAIN QUESTION: Is there an updated rarity guide for the TI-99/4a, similar to the excellent one AtariAge has for the 2600?


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Thanks. I personally thought it seemed more likely that Meteor Belt was less common than Ms. Pac-Man, but the 99er.net rarity guide claimed otherwise. Since it dates to 2004, though, I imagine it can't be too current. Maybe there just isn't a lot of interest in a rarity guide for TI-99? Or perhaps I just don't know what people are using nowadays.

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