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2 port vs 4 port Sega Carts not fitting right other carts not working


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Hey guys - I am so glad I got both a 2 and a 4 port 5200 - I believe there are some significant differences in design (besides the power and the ports and the PCB) - before I got my 2 port - I thought carts I bought on eBay were busted and people were selling broken stuff (hiding behind the untested disclaimer) - turns out all the carts work just fine --- ON MY 2 PORT. My latest issue are SEGA carts. The original silver box Atari carts fit nicely and so do the parker brothers carts - both in the 2 and 4 port, however SEGA carts do not go in easily in my 4 port. They just get stuck in the 4 port, they never get seated correctly. I actually had to take the chip out of one cart (Star Trek) to convince myself - and just insert the chip and as I hoped it worked. After reassembling the case and the chip, I found that pressing a bit harder I was able to get it to seat correctly in my 4 port, but not without significant pressure on inserting and pulling it out, possible future damaging my 5200.


NOW fast forward some months and I buy more Sega Games - Conogo Bongo and Buck Rogers. I insert them in my 4 port - they don't work - too tight, not seated correctly. I put them in my 2 port - work as expected and fit super smooth. There is definitely some sort of slight design flaw in the cart bay on the 4 port. With the naked eye - they look exactly the same, touch and feel - they feel the same. BUT push a Sega cart in and the 4port sticks and the 2 port is easy.


Any one experience this?


Also if any of you have seen this thread - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/275781-miner-2049er-not-working-4-port-atari-5200/- Miner 2049er works in my 2 port and not my 4 port - even after switching / swapping every IC between both units that were socket-ed on the board - ok is there a chance of a bad soldered IC - maybe - but just specific to Miner 2049er???? Come on!


Now it was stated somewhere on this forum hat someone got miner working on a 4 port - BUT I am curious -- there are 2 miners out there - 1 with a picture label (red case) and one with a gold writing only label (red case). Perhaps there is a difference in the revision of one of those carts??


The one that did not work in the 4 port was the picture label.


Any way that is that.





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Warped case is possible and easy to figure out. Just remove the top case and see if you can then insert the carts in easier. You will have to get a pin or something on the Atari carts to force the dust door open on the cart to insert it, but most of the 3rd party carts don't have this and can usually just be inserted right in.


I actually have quite a few of the Sega games for the 5200 as well and your post is making me want to test them all again. But I've only ever owned 4 port 5200s and I know all my games have worked in the past on 4 ports.

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