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Repro Lynx labels interest check. Replace those worn labels....



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  1. 1. Are you interested in buying repro labels for Lynx ?

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If you play your Lynx as much as I do, the labels on the underside of the Lynx get very worn over time. Or maybe you bought a used Lynx with bad/destroyed or even missing labels.


I opened up this topic to see if there is enough interest for reproductuon labels.


I will not produce them myself, but this will be done by my good friend Etienne who has specialised in reproducing labels in all kinds of sorts for arcade machines.


He is very quality focussed and will try to do everything to get a result that is virtually identical to the originals.


To get an idea of his work and quality, have a look at his webshop here:



This is just a hobby for him, more a service to the arcade collectors but I asked if he was willing to do Lynx labels and as long as he can fill some sheets that is fine with him.


This will require scanning and digitally reproducing the labels. He will do this work. Original fonts will be used and graphics will be vectorised so they won't be simple copies but proper repro's.


I have NO experience with removing labels from a Lynx. I have no idea if its easy or not....so....your own risk...worst case you can put the new ones over the old.


So, please let me know if you are interested, for which model and how many. They will be sold as sets per Lynx type I or II.


If you browse the webstore you can get a global idea about the costs.



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This might seem silly but did you check the back on the Lynx II ? There's only the serial number sticker there. Those are meant to be unique and most of the Lynx IIs I have are either missing this or have it completely not readable. Having some kind of interesting replacement sticker there would be good, but that's the only one on the Lynx II.

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Aha so that is probably the reason. I guess most people have the Lynx II (sadly IMHO). I have one somewhere....but think it's dead, nor do I care much for it. IMHO it was a lesser unit in all aspects except the backlight switch.


Yeah there's a small serial label on the I too as you can see. Not 100% sure but I think my friend could do these too,

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