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Cramming a Supercart into a cart shell


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Just what the title says. Trial and error. The first attempt did not end well, as I put the switch ports too close together (trying to match the switch ports to their relative solder locations on the board) and the case didnt like it. I got it to *kind of* close, but bad things happened when the longer switch leg on switch #2 came into contact with the EA GROM pin. In addition to that, the LED leg was touching one of the pins of the RAM chip.


Needless to say, when plugged in, the console wouldnt even boot.... I dont want to even think what the console thought was plugged into it.... glad I didnt damage anything. :)






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So I sacrificed another copy of HouseHold Budget Management, and this time set it up so the two switch ports would correspond to the gap between the two chips and the gap between the EA GROM and the battery. I also shortened the LED legs and moved all my case ports up higher on the face. This one had a much better outcome. :)



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They're just different board lots. I've seen five or six different lots for that five-GROM board. It doesn't matter which two slots the GROMs are in, and both boards have the standard two capacitors and a resistor. Good job with the cartridge! I need to order some more of those boards. . .

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Thanks Jim!!! I would buy at least 1 more if it were available... probably more than 1. :)


I want my son to help me assemble one as our first collaborative hardware soldering project. Likely have him do the simpler solder joints and Ill do the tighter ones.


I will probably have him practice on the HBM boards I just disassembled.... have him solder wires through the holes, etc.... desolder the GROMs, replace them in a different spots. Will be fun.


Anyway, after I did my cart case, I saw acadiels from a while back.... soooooooo pretty. :D


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