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Upgrading to the One X


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I'm probably going to upgrade in the next month or two, once there's new 4k TVs out, and possible reductions on last year's models.... which would "require" an Xbox upgrade..


I have no need for my current One if I get a One X...


Is anything needed other than resetting the console to erase everything before selling it off?


Haven't sold or traded anything in quite a while.. any suggestions whether it's best getting it from a store that takes trade ins and reduce the cost of the One X? Just sell it here (I have bought many times from eBay, but never sold there)? Any other suggestions?





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Zeroing it out should do it. I would move all the games to an external drive so you can just plug it into the new machine (then again, you probably don't have 3TB worth of downloads like crazy me).



I've been thinking along the same lines, the X appeals to be because it's smaller, quieter, faster, more future-proof. I think the person selling <$400 refurbs with free shipping on Ebay is legit. The main thing holding me back is the potential hassle of selling the big black OG XBone. It's not worth much ...


(actually looks it up on Gamestop)


Hmmm, $140 is more than I expected. Maybe I should just do that.


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Done. Thanks a bunch for putting this stupid idea in my head. :-)


Once you reset your Xbox for resale or whatever, it's dead easy to bring in the new one. Literally all I needed to do was authenticate my Microsoft account. It picked up everything on the external drive and was ready to roll in a matter of seconds.


The new machine is very small and quiet. It's /almost/ worth the upgrade just for the aesthetics.

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It says "getting your game ready" for a few seconds upon first launch, so maybe some small patches were applied. I don't have 4K video so I didn't download the extra textures.


Frame rates are great, old games look nice. Plus I got a better controller and 1TB of internal storage if I fill up the external.

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