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Light sixer B&W only till warm :(


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Has anyone had this issue before:


My Atari 2600 only shows a B&W image until it warms up.


I'm attaching images showing what it looks like before and after it warms up. The B&W image it shows on colour mode before it warms up looks different to the B&W image you see when running in B&W mode, the B&W mode image is smoother and has no lines across it. This is a PAL Atari 2600 console running on a modern PAL TV.









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Check the TIA, could be the solder on or more of the pins has cracked and re-connects as it warms up.


Had a similar problem. The metal post on the color switch had broken off, you could reach in with a screwdriver to flip the switch, but the colors never reached full saturation. Went back to normal after I replaced the switch, but I've never been sure if it was replacing the switch that fixed it, or if it was because of the other solder joins that I re-flowed when I had it open.

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Much like Thomas Jentzsch I don't think it is the colour switch as the B&W image in colour mode is different than when you switch. So even before it warms up the colour switch appears to work switching between two different kinds of B&W image.


I've not tried a different TV, I only have one :) I've been thinking of taking it to work and trying it there with one of our office TVs. Will give that a go.


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