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Boxed NES and SNES For trade


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Alright, I have a fairly nice boxed NES in the original foam packaging with hookups, 2 controllers and a Zapper. It is probably not *mint* but not too far off.


Im at work so I dont have a great pic, but I have attached the only two I have currently on my phone. Its just the box on my shelf (I have a daily-driver console that is not in as nice of shape as the boxed one)


I have 5 or 6 games I will throw in with this system as well.




I am looking for a plain Vextrex with a working controller. I dont need any games with it... just a decent console with controller. I dont know current values, other than what I see on eBay as Buy It Now (which is always a bit wacky) so this may not be an even trade. I accept that and I am willing to negotiate further in order to facilitate a transaction.


I will get more detailed pictures this weekend. Thanks in advance for looking, and have a great day.



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So, not a perfect package, but nice. Looks like there is a small chip on the corner of the machine at the pairing of the two halves of the case. I tested it out with Blades of Steel and Rad Racer and it performed admirably.


Again, I would like to reiterate that I am not expecting that this will be a 1:1 deal. This Nintendo is up as a portion of a trade deal for a bare Vectrex. We can work out cash or additional trade to complete the transaction, as you can see I have many other items on my shelves. I just need a Vectrex like a crack fiend needs the rock....


Thanks in advance, and I can take some hyper-detailed photos if anyone is interested in the trade.


Have a great weekend, folks. :)







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If anyone is interested, I can take pictures of the SNES console and game pads, etc.


For clarification purposes:



Boxed NES

Working (non-boxed) SNES




Working Vectrex and controller




I also have other items to sweeten the pot if necessary (games, etc)

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Values seem to be arbitrary these day. I saw one go for $50 and another go for $175. I didnt see anything different between the two.


Thats kind of why I am hoping to trade. Trade value is not necessarily monetary, sometimes it is intrinsic.


If someone made a killer offer on the NES, I would consider it, of course. But usually on Atariage, folks have a different understanding of market value and historical pricing data which sway perception and mark what theyre willing to pay for a specific item. Theyre *smart buyers.*


And thats good. But honestly if I wanted max value for a nostalgic system, eBay would probably be the best way to get it.


I know on the open market, my Nintendo system is worth between $80-$100. Buy it might be worth more in trade to someone who wants to get a Nintendo and a SNES. :)


So, to answer your question I dont know what I would take. Id rather trade it, but as you are implying, it may be tough to find this kind of trade.

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