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Atari Carts Date Stamp - 'R' have any meaning?


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In another thread it was noted the a three digit code hot stampped onto the bottom of VCS consoles and the end lable of some Atari carts represents an approximate date, first two digits are the week, and last digit is year, so my Tele-Games light sixer has 111 so it is 11th week of 1981. I posted this question in another thread with no replies:

Some carts have an R after the three digits, does it mean anything? Examples:

Yars-182 R

Centipede 123 R

Dig Dug 403 R

Joust 413 R


And before you start, no, these R not pirate carts!

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I thought you meant console and was going to go with refurbish?


Was yar always yellowish orange? I see red tint to it and was thinking faded, but usually the whole label looks worse in those cases.


Could be a day, 18th workday of the month of something.

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I don't think there is a definitive answer on the "R" stamp, but there is a body of thought that suggests that it means "revision" or "re-release" or could even be the plant of manufacture. I don't think anyone knows for sure.







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