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Fixed/Best rom pack for Jaguar?


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Has anyone made a set of fixed retail game roms for the virtual jaguar emulator/mame? Some of the games like Attack of the Mutant Penguins are supposed to work but the GoodJag2.01 rom doesn't work. Could be the rom or could be an issue with the 64-bit update of VJ. However, it works with the AvP game and homebrew games like Llamatron, so it seems generally operational. I know it is a crappy emulator, but, as I said, the penguin game is supposed to work in the emulator according to the VJ webpage. I have had several of these "GoodXXX" rom packs have bad roms, so that is my suspicion. It loads the jaguar start screen and then goes black (does the same thing in the Mame jag emulator). Thanks!

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