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New Style Jag Hats, Jaguar shirt, and Activision patches!


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Here are a few Shirts & Hats I had made up. The are very nice quality.

Shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton and Hats are adjustable.

The embroidered Jaguar colors are clear and clean, camera washed it out. They look much nicer in person.


Shirts are $17

2 - Large

sold out - XLarge


Hats are SOLD OUT!!! $20 New Style Hat $22 see post 14

sold out - Black

sold out - Grayish/Greenish(see pic)




I also have a few of the patches left. They are $5 each. (see attachments)


Shipping in padded envelope is $5 to USA, $14 to Canada. Insurance is $3 extra if you choose.....


Please PM me with order requests. Once these are gone, I HIGHLY doubt I will order more. I just badly wanted a Jaguar hat and shirt and needed to order the extras to complete purchase.









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I'm gonnna bump this again because I am running out of the "You Suck" patches and the rest are getting pretty low also.

I want to make sure everyone has seen them before I run out!

Send me a PM if you are interested!


Oh, I have a couple of NEW Jaguar hats if anyone wants one. These are samples I paid to have made up to see if I wanted to have some made.

Price for Jag hats are $22 each.....



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