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Japanese style home brews - Game Numbers


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I will be doing Japanese/Bandai style stickers for my existing game (Big Blue) and next game (Frontier).


As the original Bandai games were numbered on the cart label 1-11 I have made my games 12 and 13.


A taste of the artwork:





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That is a damn cool idea. Will the manuals be in Japanese, too?


No, not for Big Blue at least... too much work and cost for what would be a very low numbers selling version I think... I have the cart labels printed already and my Brother is working on the 3 stickers that will be used to convert GCE boxes into Japanese ones :)

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I maintain that "Kousokusen" sounds like something you'd scream before releasing your ultimate attack in a fighting game.


Heh... I can imagine the big fight scene in Akira but with them shouting "Vectrex!!!!... Kousokusen!!!" instead of Tetsuo!... Kanedaaaaaaaa!

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