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Since I learned that the Game Gear can only have 8 sprites in a row, today's work involved taking 8 pixels off the "paused" sprite to make room for a 1-digit life counter. As a result, the game now says "pause" instead of "paused." Another thing I also learned is that pressing button 2 on the Game Gear Everdrive starts the most recently loaded game. I didn't know that. That will save a bunch of time later.

A thing I want to do is have the strawberry milkshake shoot at you as well. But I don't know what it can shoot. I thought cherries for a moment, but then asked myself "who puts more than one cherry on a milkshake?" That, and I'd have to redraw the milkshake again and remove the cherry on top, which in all reality is not a very big deal, but I'm lazy. So what I want to do is have the milkshake come at you at a straight line, then move up and down as the game progresses, and then have the milkshake start shooting at you as the game progresses even more. But what is the magic number in terms of upping the changes? How many milkshakes should you need to shoot before the changes happen?

A thing to think about while I take a brief pause from the game and come back to it in a couple of days from now. It's just another lazy Sunday afternoon here.

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