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TRAIN - New Game for Atari 8-bit


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So, I am attaching a preview version of Train 2 with keyboard controls.

You can use WASD or IJKL for directions, and both SHIFTs as fire. The CONTROL key cannot be detected alone, so using it as fire was out of question.


Let me know if it plays better than joystick version.

And please don't ask me for having both joystick and keyboard controls in one game...


As this is a preview version, please consider not adding this version to your archives (atarionline,atarmania,homesoft etc.). Wait for finalized version.

Thank you!


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10 hours ago, baktra said:

The hosting provider is experiencing difficulties with DNS. Should be back on line soon.

Now back on line. Perhaps one day, those ROM images will make it to some reputable game archives.

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