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is there such a thing as an RCA plug switchbox?


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My el cheapo tv that currently has my TI and my modded 2600 only has one set of RCA inputs- i'd hate to have to switch cables back and forth all the time.


Is there such a thing as a 'switch box' that would let me connect both and just toggle output from one device or another to the TV using one set of inputs?


If so, and anyone has such a thing rattling around spare I'm in the market for one :) I even have a couple of CIB TI games I could trade (Super Demon Attack and Sneggit).


Thanks in advance!

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Check your local Goodwill, etc..., I usually see a few when I go thrifting.


Or, if you're only using those two machines with this tv then you could just use some rca y-cables and then you wouldn't even need a switchbox (as long as you only have one of them turned on at a time)

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This was going to be my first *big* hardware project back in High School.... An RCA *bank* if you will. I bought a breadboard and a bunch of RCA jacks and basically just never did it.


I had planned on a 5 input selector (for my NES, Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast, and my TI-99/4A) to run to one TV.


I even planned for a separate input to allow me to plug in my Atari 2600, but gave up on that when I realized that Id have to convert the signal multiple times to make it flow through the bus and into the composite inputs on my TV.


Anyway, theyre out there, but usually theyre A/B boxes and not necessarily the multi-line switches I had planned.

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