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Now for only $106


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This digital/analog adapter that you can use with bohoki's adapter to use PSX/PS2 controllers (and PS3 with an additional adapter) and the official N64 controller on the 5200 has gone from $35 to about $100 in the last couple months. Meanwhile, the mostly useless USB version lingers at $13. There are other ways to use a PSX/PS2 controller with the 5200, but only in digital mode, as far as I know. Investigation into this topic is still limited.





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With a masterplay clone and a tototek to psx adapter I can use psx controllers on 5200. And theanalog thumbsticks work also.

I don't have the Masterplay clone and don't expect to get one soon, since both suppliers have gone on an indeterminate hiatus. So, can you tell me, with your MPC/tototek/dual shock setup with Super Breakout, can you get the paddle to stop at 6 to 8 different positions on the screen with this setup or does it just go full left/full right/ starting position? Either way, being able to use the PS2 analog stick as even a digital stick would still be a nice option for numerous games. I think Missile Command should have the same phenomenon: full up/down/left/right if the analog stick is converted to digital.


Hopefully, someone will offer a device with analog and digital capacity to continue availability.

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