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Woody Woodpecker?

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It doesn't seem to have made it far enough. From Intellivision Productions:

Buzz Buzzard has kidnapped baby animals from the forest and hidden them in his house. Woody must peck his ways through the walls to rescue them.

Originally, Karen McConathy used the Mad Magazine cartoon "Spy vs. Spy" as her inspiration for the gameplay: Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard battling through Woody's treehouse using increasingly bizarre and complicated weapons against each other. Early in the game's development, however, a real Spy vs. Spy game was announced from another company. Marketing directed the game be changed to a voice Kool-Aid Man game, only with Woody. In August 1983, midway through development of the revamped game, Intellivoice was canceled and along with it, the Woody Woodpecker cartridge.

Marketing soon realized, though, that they were contractually obligated to release a Woody Woodpecker game, so it was put back on the schedule as a non-voice game. Once it was back on the schedule, however, they found that there was no programmer available to work on it -- Karen had been laid off with the Intellivoice personnel. Although it was still on the schedule when Mattel Electronics closed the following January, no further work was ever done on the game.

FUN FACT: The original cartoon voice of Woody Woodpecker, Gracie Lantz, recorded new dialog especially for this game.

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It sounds like there was a bit of work done on it. Maybe it's been lost but even if Intellivision Productions has something to show, I don't know if they would because of the licensed characters. They did include the Intellivoice recordings on the Intellivision Rocks CD.

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I have this idea in my head that IP has the equivalent of Prince's Vault, miles and miles of stuff that is under-cataloged and unreleased. :) I am guessing there is something on graph paper or some .ASM with a real graphic, it's just that it hasn't been leaked yet...



It doesn't seem to have made it far enough. From Intellivision Productions:

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