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130xe display issues


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So as a new member let me first briefly introduce myself.


Born in 73 , I grew up with Arcade machines, saw the Atari 2600 arrive in Belgium but received a Colecovision ADAM from my parents in 85 since our local toystore carried those.

Found a decomissioned 8086 with the trash outside a DTP firm and since we used PC's at school continued on that route , running a 386DX with DRDOS until 2001.

Received hand-down desktops from my friends until I bought a laptop to use for studies and work.

Always have been a fan of old technology , Sun servers, PowerPC Macs,Tadpole Sparcstation but the hunger for 8 bit kept haunting and since I always liked the Atari ST look I went and picked up an PAL Rev.1 130XE from eBay hoping to brush the 8 bit assembler I learned in school.


It came with a RF cable which I hooked up to a LCD Television set .

Looking for a nicer picture I order the Sophia Rev C DVI board and in the meanwhile a monitor to SCART cable from here https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/atari/atari-8-bit-composite-video-scart-cable-for-800xl-65xe-130xe-800xlf-1400xl-1450xld-1200xl


Sadly enough my 130XE doesn't have sockets for the GTIA so I will have to pick a quiet day to desolder it and install the Sophia board.


The issue I found and which I don't know wether it's normal or not is when I use the monitor -> SCART cable in combination with an SIO2PC ( FTDI-serial ) certain demos

like Joyride for ex. are really blocky.


This is the part where the authors/coders introduce themselves with a picture and it looks awfull on my TV.




Here is a close photo I took , only in Altirra the picture looks smooth like the Youtube videos of it.




Is this normal behaviour for a 130XE or not ? Should I check other items ? SIO2PC ? RespecQT ? Powersupply ? Monitor Cable ?


I did verify Joyride DISK 2 on another television but had the same issues, also see the same issue in other demos.

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