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Philips N64 all-in-one sexy Odyssey 2 variant


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I have this console (sadly, non working, but it's probably the power supply as nothing boots, not even the CRT) and the sticks are hardwired.


I probably pointed it already, but this console is built into (and use) the same case than the French Minitel telematic terminal, at least the early, "pyramid" versions.


Interestingly, it doesn't use the same keyboard.

I gotta check, but the N60 keyboard is smaller than the standard Videopac ones, so... cost cutting measure? I do'nt think any overlay fits in the N60 keyboard.


Some details on the shell are different, too : the color, of course, but also switch positions :



The notch on the side is the power switch for the Minitel.

On the N60, the power switch is a little rocker switch near where the electric wire goes in. Interestingly, it's a neon illuminated power switch!



Of course, the Minitel feature no opening for cart slot.


As you can guess, this Minitel was made by La Radiotechnique, a company under the control of Philips.

La Radiotechnique 's flagship brand in France was... Radiola, which sold the Jet series of Videopac.

But it also produced Philips Videopac consoles in France, as hinted by machines labelled "Made in France".





Not al G7400 Plus bear this sticker, so I suppose either the sticker fell off or it was also made in the Netherland or even Taïwan :P


As far as we know, there isn't any N60 sold under the Radiola brand, which is strange since it was certainly made by Radiola, or at least conceived by them.

But all other Videopac consoles got a Radiola version, including the G 7200.

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All of them? I think some Philips model weren't made in France, either imported from he Us for early models, or other made in the Netherlands.


For Radiola, is make sense since Radiola was the selling brand of the La Radiotechnique factory. And Schneider belonged to Philips at the time.

I think Siera was a brand of the Philips group, too.

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