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If by the PS1 you mean Playstation, unfortunately the answer is "no". This is an Atari site and Atari didn't make any of the Playstation systems. Sorry.

Oh wait, nevermind, apparently you can in fact discuss other systems here, carry on.

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Okay heres the problem what i'm having with PS1 consoles in my experience. My plan is i'm trying to repair SCPH-1001 consoles. They have been pissing me off and driving me nuts for months now. It's the model where i rage quit and cussed at a Fix It Phil Group on Facebook and it turns out i had scratched discs. But here is the real issue. i see a lot of SCPH-1001 PS1's with dead boards and they spin the disc up crazy fast and the only way to stop it is to put it on its sides. Did the BA6397FP fail or something? I was told that the SCPH-1001 doesn't like the KSM-440-AEM or other lasers other than BAM. But on my October 1996 SCPH-1001 i had, Even with a BAM laser and had the Atari Anniversary Edition disc which was dinged up, it would still spin the disc up crazy fast. Is my board proably failing? Would resurfacing or buying new copies help since the 1001 isn't toerable of scratched discs.

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Sounds like you need to start eliminating factors, you have too many to get an answer.


If you have scratched discs, that may be why. Only way is to get clean discs, because even firing up epsxe(emulator) using a disc isn't a fair test being emulated and a non-PS1 PC computer drive to run it. If clean discs fail, then it's time to start checking parts in the system, but I mean you can only go so far before it's stupid to bother as they're not worth much and you'll eat it more in parts/wasted time.

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