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Season 13-What does everyone want to play?

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What would you all like to play this season? How about including some ST Ports? Should I start a poll?


This is my first season I am running so bear with me and I promise this will go more smoothly in the future :)


Thanks, and looking forward to a fun Jaguar High Score Club Season Ahead!!

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I'll go with whatever the group decides, but I'd prefer no ST ports as my CD burner is busted and I have no skunk board. I think Raiden would be good, and maybe Atari Karts, Super Burnout, and Tempest 2000. Heck, even Checkered Flag for a challenge. Xenon 2 might be good, as it would get me to give the game some solid playtime finally.

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I'm playing Llamatron alot (droid-assisted). How far do you manage to get? I always need to use my first continue at level 75 and I will run out of lives somewhere between level 80-90. Those last 15 levels or so always kill me. If anyone has some advice, don't be shy!

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Alright guys, I am going to try to keep the season pretty accessible this go-around. Games that were available at retail or are in the AtariAge store (Minter, Xenon 2, etc.) In the future when the SD cart is available maybe we can get into the weeds a bit more :)


Kicking off a season now with two week increments, we will pick games for the next round at the conclusion of each round. Reminder this is my first go and it will get smoother and better each season we run. For now, lets just have some fun!

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