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Dystopia (Utopia-like Turn Based Strategy for the 2600)


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Ouch, how should I beginn? I found a lot of bugs, most of them were bad goto bank commands or the on <var> goto went on wrong value. I redesigned the cursor placement, rewrote most of the AI and now 1/5 of the code is in assembly (I optimized the output asm bB made and inserted it into the bB code). I tested it on real hardware, somehow I couldn't fix all the issues with the colors (It never goes over 262 scanlines, but Stella shows it as red and the color goes missing) and my recorder couldn't handle it (the TV was not suffering that much, only a little black blinking).

There is one mouse and one dpad (sega master system) recording, if you are creating your island, the dpad seems faster, but on the sea, it's easier to navigate the ships with the mouse. And yeah, I couldn't check the sensors as much as I wanted, so it's a bit over-sensitive, but an interesting experiment for a console like the VCS. It should work with the Amiga Mouse as well, just change the left difficulty switch. (BW is for joystick/mouse-trackball).



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