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FS: Lightgun microswitch kits, PS1 & PS2 Guncon, Saturn Stunner


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I now have a kit ready for the Sega Dreamcast Interact Starfire gun.

These are press-fit brackets that replace the push button of many different lightguns with a microswitch behind the trigger. Requires a little soldering know-how. If there is a gun you'd like me to design a kit for let me know. Due to user feedback I am now including a quality Zippy brand 50 gram actuation force microswitch, and the kit also uses M3 screws to make it easy to change out the switch if you like. Domestic USA shipping is $3 for however many kits you want. I am also willing to ship internationally and will try to make it as cheap as possible for you.


Sega Dreamcast Starfire $12 each - installation guide: https://imgur.com/a/TL0CGZ8


PS2 Namco Guncon 2, $11 each - installation guide: https://imgur.com/a/zWxeK63

PS1 Namco Guncon, $10 each - installation guide: https://imgur.com/a/y27G57S

Sega Saturn Stunner, $10 each - installation guide: https://imgur.com/a/o66zaky



Sega Dreamcast Starfire kit



PS2 Namco Guncon 2 kit:


PS1 Namco Guncon kit:


Sega Saturn Stunner kit:


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8 hours ago, Mac-Gyver said:

Ciao, ti sto contattando dall'Italia. Avrei bisogno di un kit per Namco Guncon 1 PS1. Come posso contattarti in privato e acquistare questo kit? Grazie.



See link above, I have enabled shipment to Italy. Thank you for your interest.


Vedi link sopra, ho abilitato la spedizione in Italia. Grazie per il vostro interesse.

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1 hour ago, Mac-Gyver said:

Grazie a te.
Sei stato veramente gentile.
Ti aggiorno appena effettuo l'acquisto.
Avrei solo una domanda per te :
- Sai se il kit da te fornito, monta anche sulla Light Gun - Aimtrak della Ultimark? 

Not sure, tentative maybe. Check the install guide below and compare what you have, there are two anchor points it will need.


Non sono sicuro, forse provvisorio. Controlla la guida all'installazione di seguito e confronta quello che hai, ci sono due punti di ancoraggio di cui avrà bisogno.



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