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So what do people think this could be


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I've been looking through a load of old computer mags and came across this news story in Atari User vol 2, number 10, February 1987.


It's an odd story in a lot of ways but suggests that an 8 bit system was going to be launched in UK with a built in cassette player.


Almost certainly nothing but intrigued to hear peoples thoughts.


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think this thread is one for UK users to answer.

The magazine article is from Feb 1987 announcing the new Proto.


The Atari Computer Show was held at The Novotel, Hammersmith (London) two months later in April.

Therefore, it's safe to assume that "if this proto" was already on UK soil around Christmas ('86), then it'd be a certainty for the ACS four months later.


According to the blurb the a couple of pages earlier - lots of ST/atari PC stuff was due for launch at that show, so conclusions?


■ it was at the show...does anyone recall seeing it?


■ Atari cancelled/pulled it in advance of the show


what about USA members? does anyone recall seeing this Proto at a 86/87 Comdex or CES ?

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I'm always surprised that the era of 8bit computers survived for such a long time (I do not mean now, but back then). With some extra bells and whistles the XEGS was almost equal to the Atari 400/800 ... The Atari 800XE was even till end 1991. Almost the same architecture hardly changed in a decade.


When I buy a computer today, it is already outdated when it leaves the shop.


And Fox-1 is right, I have a small stack of XEGS. Although I personally love it, the person in the article was (partly) right that the release of the XEGS brought us more than just the console. Some pretty cool games were now released as carts. I love Karateka on cart a lot and Summergames. I have all these games as a converted .R16 file on my MyIDE interface. Pretty cool stuff!

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I’m assuming this is the XEGS, and the author was confusing cartridges with tapes.


However, was there a PAL version of the XEGS?



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i don't think he is confusing tapes and carts:


■ if we were talking about general computer press then maybe but we're not - it's an well-established Atari mag.

"with a built in cassette, and priced at under £100" - ALL atari8 computers (up to that point) had cart ports, so Atari Mag journos would know exactly what they're looking at.

■ clearly referring to an "integral recorder" atari - author is clear on this:

the reason for this is move is that Atari Officials in the states have been convinced that the UK market is still "tape driven". one of the arguments they accepted was that, in Britain, there are difficulties in producing cartridges, in that they require high production volume and long lead times"

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There was not one upgrade option, but several ;)






Mathy is right, the XC12 recorders were not repackaged in XEGS style boxes. And cassettes were very popular in Europe, even in 1987 ;)

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The XEGS didn't come with a KB? Mine was bought second hand so I assumed they did. I got my 800XL in the early 80's with a 1050. Most of the local kids who had them, had disk drives and we were by no means the rich kids.I guess places like Poland were different to New Zealand. :-)

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Those came in multiple configurations, like just the basic unit, or unit with keyboard, or unit with keyboard and lightgun with some cartridges, etc...


The (political) situation in Poland was quite different back then. Things like XL's were only available at special import stores, like Pewex.

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