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Jaguar protos and homebrew carts


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Hello everyone , first time in a forum and need any kind of help i can get. So i am new to collecting for the Jaguar and love the system. I see theres alot of protos and homebrew for the console i would love to have on a cartridge. Only problem is im wanting to make them myself. Ive made hundreds of Nes and Snes carts myself and have a good amount of knowledge on making these. From what i read about the Jaguar and making them it doesnt seem to far off. My main problem is i can only find one download for the Jaguar rom splitter and have tried using it on both of my computers and have had no luck even opening the application.Is there any other Jaguar rom splitters out here that somebody may have or can enlighten me on what im doing wrong ? Thanks for everybodys time

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