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FS: Ricoh NP-50 Pentium 233MHz mini laptop (prototype?) ***SOLD!***


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I spoke of this computer some time back, and now it is up for grabs. I happened upon this a few years ago (brand new no less!) and I have not been able to find ANY information on it. As a matter of fact, I cannot even find Ricoh ever making a laptop period.


The machine comes in its original box, with manual, warranty card, matching floppy drive (that plugs into the printer port oddly), power supply, and two batteries that will not hold a charge. The computer actually can use one or two batteries. They plug in on each side. But, the batteries were brand new and never installed...and never charged. I tried to charge them but they will no longer accept a charge. The computer does however work fine on wall power.


It is a 233MHz Pentium with 96MB of ram and a 3GB hard drive. Pretty nice specs for the Windows 98 era. It did not have anything on the hard drive when I received it (not even a partition) but I partitioned the drive and installed Windows 98 and some useful tools (like daemon tools, USB flash drive support, and Plus 98) so that the computer can be easily usable. I also split the drive into two partitions and imaged the primary partition to an image file that is sitting on the second partition just in case you mess the OS up and need to recover. The disks to do this are also included and the image file was tested and works perfectly.


The machine also has multiple PCMCIA (PC Card) slots for expansion, as well as serial and VGA out. And, it has one USB port in the front that now works with flash drives (I tested up to a 128GB in Windows 98 and it works fine)


The one picture with my AVGN signed ET cart is simply to illustrate the size of this computer. That cart is NOT included ;)


If you want to look up more on this machine online more power to you. You will not find mention of it anywhere...well except where I mentioned it online :)



Not asking a million bucks for it, but I am looking for $175 shipped OBO. PM if interested.
















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Hey when I put myself to finding things, I learned some damn good ways to find irregular stuff with my first area at my job a dozen years ago.


What you have there is no prototype, it's actually the Ricoh Magio E laptop.



Read the middle column, that spec sheet seems to match that list of features on your bios screen there. The tiny picture you can just make out matches your color/style of the unit opened up with that keyboard style which is a bit unique.


I really wish I had seen this when you put it up, I've been wanting a pristine old computer like this for some DOS/Win3-98 era stuff and a laptop is the only thing practical really for that.

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