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Minigen HD review...not a bad budget Genesis clone!


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Just wanted to post here that I have just got done reviewing the Minigen HD. For the price($45 plus shipping), this console is not bad. It works with a powerbase mini, aspect ratio switch in back, as well as the ability to play Mega Drive imports. Not bad at all.


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Nice video, thanks for sharing.


Generally looks like a solid addition. Aspect ratio controls and having HDMI are pretty great. I love the Everdrive support and the fact that Super SF2 works. You hit on all the common questions, it seems.


The sound definitely has a few issues that I'd consider to be pretty minor. The SFX in Adventures of Batman and Robin are not at all like what my VA4 Genesis 2 sounds like, and it's missing tons of bass in general. Is it stereo? The captured footage doesn't seem to be - Sonic picking up rings should alternate left and right and the video sounds straight down the center. I could live without stereo sound.


Better than anything AtGames has released, and for folks that don't want to pony up for RGB and OSSC, I'd say this is about as good as it gets.

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I saw some other vids on this and NO it is not in stereo which, I really don't understand?


Also it is interesting that John got it to work with his MegaED because others have had issues with it not working.


It seems so very subjective to be honest and at this point I'm not really sure that any company can make a clone Genesis like this and make 100% of the people happy. Only if Sega themselves were to release a new genesis with all the same hardware only with having HDMI out video instead would really make everyone 100% happy.

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