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Battlezone 2000 - The secret game?

Lord Thag

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Posting in the desert island thread made me think of this.

So most everyone knows about the huge, hidden complete game in Battlezone. I remember the discussions years back, and flipped through the guide again over on Songbird productions. There is a lot going on with this game. WHich brings me to the question:


How far has anyone gotten in the hidden game? I finally got my lynx to access the damned thing, and man, is it freakin' hard. It's obviously stupidly huge too, but I don't seem to be able to make it past the first level. I understand mostly how the power ups and tank parts work etc, but it seems punishingly difficult. I'd like to get farther. Any tips for survival?

Anyone actually get far in this beast?

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The hidden game also ComLynxes. Perhaps it is meant for teams? I ran sage's version that boots directly to the hidden game on 4 real Lynxes and you can see each other in real time.

Yeah, I'd heard it supported multiplayer. I imagine that makes it easier (and is probably hella fun), but I can't imagine a game from that era requiring it though. The issue for me always seems to be ammo. I can play the game fine, but even on levels with low numbers of enemy tanks I run out of ammo before they are all dead, even scavenging for refills.



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I just read about this in Retro Gamer, and now I really want to give it a try.

We should all dive in and see what we can discover. This really is one of the coolest easter eggs in a game I've ever seen. I want to see what's buried in there.

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