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White elephant sale junk and parts odyssey 2 voice 2600 7800 600xl intv

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Selling junk scrap and parts take everything for 10 plus shipping (60 lbs of stuff) voice units sold

seriously make an offer

7800 mobile 5 sold

7800 missing ac jack wires soldiered on ok case 10sold

2600 ok missing switch vader 10

Vader with sprite issues otherwise ok 10

Junk 2600s 5, extra junk 2600 3

Mobos 2 mobos missing chips 1

Intv 1 no controllers 4

Intv 2 3

Intv case 2

600xl case 10

Odyssey 2 voice unit 5 2 available

Box o junk (famicom disk system parts psus joystick parts rf shielding) 1 dollar or best offer

Really make an offer if you can use anything shipping isn't included




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Could you offer more info on the 7800? It's missing an AC jack and wires are soldered on it... what wires have you soldered onto it? Can it feasibly be repaired?

they are soldered onto the motherboard, I haven't taken it apart to see where it is soldered to. If nothing bad but the port was broken off it might be an easy repair.

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neither of the semi working 2600s are available anymore, I'm just going to fix them,

large usps flat rate box filled with power supplies and controller parts- 20 dollars or less (18.90 shipping at max, if you live closer to ny it will be cheaper, keep in mind they are junk, the 5200 psu both pump the appropriate voltage, but have cable damage or missing barrel plug)

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